State of greens #15

Temperatures are cooling, the sun is going to bed early. Autumn has certainly arrived. Here’s an update on the gardens occupants.

State of greens #12

Better late than never.I’ve just created and backdated this post after doing week #15. And I’ve realized: things have grown heaps in the three weeks after this! Never fails to amaze me how much things change… This time with snapshots from our badly managed orchard. My pictures aren’t crooked, the trees are :/

State of greens #09

Another backdated post to keep the memories rolling. Looking back from week #15, I think this might have been the lowest point of gardening in our summer season. Nothing had really taken off at this point and things were generally just looking sad. Except for the gherkins… My partner has experimented with several ancient grains this year, tho it was really hard to tell when they are ready to be harvested. I mean, while we had trouble telling, the birds didn’t.