A walk in the quarry park

When there were just a few clouds to be seen today and rain was only to be expected later, we drove twelve kilometres out of Tauranga, located in the Bay of Plenty, on the north island of New Zealand, for a little excursion to the quarry park.

The speaking writer

Lately I’ve been thinking about how to improve the fact that my damaged hand/arm/whatever, really, keeps me from writing. I used to write blog posts, reflections, letters, short messages with a length to the moon and back (how many characters that would actually be, I wonder should be roughly 202.848.000.000 monospaced characters, measured at a font size of 16px on a display). You could already guess that one might not be as good at speaking as one is at writing and vice versa. Both are entirely different skills. Ignoring that fact, I set out to try and use speech to…