The 70s bach

Close to Matapouri Bay, which is only a one and a half hour drive from where we are, we got to spent an extended weekend in the most amazing bach that I’ve ever seen. I fell in love immediately. Even more so due to the fact, that I didn’t expect that much at all.

I get a very dull and sad feeling when I think about these 0815 places being put on a property, seemingly without a single thought given to orientation, sun, any detail whatsoever. And the material used inside. Ugh. I’d rather live in a leaky garage with badly self-made furniture than a characterless home with all the bells and whistles.

This bach is a different story. Oh the location and the details of that place. It was a bach from the 70s which, if you are particular, has 6 levels, really. Each is it’s own room, divided by a little flight of stairs. A great view from any room. How impressive it is to me that someone has built such a structure in a hard to build place and made it so characteristic with nice material and lovely wood used for everything in it. Sure, the direct access to the rather private beach helps as well to make it a perfect bach.

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