State of greens #15

Somehow, in the rush of our non existent summer, I haven’t kept up with posting images from the garden. I might sneak in some posts and date them back. The season has been wet and not really mega hot. Autumn gardens are my favorite.

During summer, with the amounts of rain we had, the garden has become a wildy gras ridden landscape. We’ve actually abandoned two rows because we decided our garden was a bit too big for us and we shall concentrate our efforts.

None of the summer veggies want to really grow any longer and certainly didn’t care to grow while being cold and water logged during summer. Which makes the tomatos, okra and corn look rather idle now. In fact, we made only a few jars of tomato sauce this year, most of the tomatos fall off and rot before they ripen. Our egg plants only just started growing, so we had none of them this year.

And we’ve planted this bed of cabbages that are just teensy. Granted, the bed is not draining very well, nobody likes that. We’re really putting those plants through a lot… We haven’t raised any beds yet due to lack of material.

I might have mentioned my partners efforts to find a suitable fodder crop for our chickens. And there’s been some rather beautiful specimens decorating our garden.

If one thing worked this year, it’s the gherkins! We’ve finally gotten sick of pickling gherkins, so now we’re just waiting for the gherkin equivalent of a marrow to preserve some seeds from the “Paris Pickle” and the “Homemade Pickles”.
Btw. We did not know that chickens were such big fans of cucumbers. Some escapees devoured tremendous amounts…

For the coming season we’ve planted some potatos and we’ll see if the broad beans we put in a couple of weeks ago care to produce before winter. We also hacked some peas inbetween the cucumbers. There’s a few miniature cabbages to harvest and another free bed that wouldn’t mind a sowing of winter crops (if that’s even a thing).

For randomness, here’s a few patterns from our melons. There’s three different kinds that are still ripening on the vines but are a bit late to come so will possibly lack great taste. We’ll see.

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