State of greens #24

How did it even happen that there’s a 14 week gap in my documentation?
I guess all of a sudden summer and autumn are over and nothing much is happening anymore. The gras is growing quicker than ever with the frequent showers. Everything seemed super refreshed once it started raining.

We’ve bulldozed most of the garden. A couple of weeks ago we planted broad beans, potatoes and several kinds of greens. And just the other day we went for onions, garlic, more broad beans and more potatoes. We want heaps of onions. We loved the onions we had last season and would like to have enough to last us through the whole year rather than half of it.

The chilis had to come out and we repotted them to spent the winter somewhere less cold and put a few in the orchard to fend for themselves. We harvested a field of Borlotti Beans and hung them up to dry a bit. They continued to get rained on. We took out all the tomatoes and followed them up with new stuff as well.

We planted more potatoes and the ones we planted weeks ago are just slowly making progress. I’ve tried for peas… but I think the seeds we have are just done for, nothing ever comes up. The strawberries are still going but they are not quite going anywhere.

Ah, yes, the Yac√≥n flowered and is now dying back. We’re not sure when that is done exactly but here’s hoping that something comes of it.

Here’s also a couple of pictures of our animals. Because why not. The pigs enjoy the sunny winter days just as much as we do.

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