State of greens #06

I thought I should post a couple more pictures before everything goes down the drain. I’m being dramatic. But the season is getting to that point where some plants are just starting to get sick and fall apart. Not doing enough watering did not help either!

On the other hand: so far no pigs broke into the garden and destroyed it, like last year (looking at you, Peanut 🤨). So we got to eat some rock melons this year… some stuff we started too late last summer we managed to put in at the right time (I think) and is looking pretty decent this year (okra and bell peppers, I’d say).

The peppers are at that stage where they are just a pure joy to look at. Bushy little trees hanging full of fruit, it’s amazing. The Okra blends in very nicely. Last year it was full of ants farming aphids and looked just like a skeleton, but this year it’s a whole other story. The aubergines are actually doing fine too. We tried last year and started too late, so we did not get a single fruit then.

The other day we took down the sweet corn. It was indeed incredibly sweet and lovely. We managed to can a bunch of tomatoes. It was quite experimental, our first canning experience really. There should still be a few more tomatoes, but those plants aren’t looking too happy either. After that heavy rain the other day it looks rather brown.

Under the impression that spinach would be so amazing and quick and easy to eat we tried and tried to grow it but nothing ever came of it. Then we discovered that silverbeet is basically the same to us and really super easy to grow – so we ditched the spinach (and never looked back).

The berries slowed down. Way too busy to create suckers, I assume. It’s been all over the place and we’re trying to catch some of them.

Unfortunately our zucchini plants, which were not as prolific this year, had a mildew problem early on and infested the melon plants next to it (I assume). So the melon vine is dying as well. Every time I meant to spray with neem oil it was either too hot or too late. At least we had a few decent melons off this plant this year, and that is great. There is a few Sugar Baby vines that have just started. We hope they produce one or two before it gets too cold.

We’re on the second round of beans. There was some control lost over the part with the beans and peas and it looks a bit like a jungle now, it’s a mess. We decided to let the rest of the beans there dry their pods for seeds and moved on to the next round. There’s also the odd Borlotti bean bush around the garden. We tried soy beans and planted a fresh set of broad beans we hope will be done before winter (longing for those falafels).

Ah yes, the orchard… that thing looks miserable, because all the trees are bone dry and probably dying. We didn’t have the water nor plumbing to get proper watering done. 🤫

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