State of greens #03

It’s only been a week since my last update. That just shows how much some things grow while one might think nothing happened. It’s still quite dry, hasn’t rained in weeks. We try to water every couple of days, but it seems to go nowhere. Getting on top of efficient (and automated) watering would be amazing.

The marigolds in our garden are super attractive to the bumblebees, and we love having the contrast to all the green stuff. 🐝

The okra and the chilis just love this weather. Finally I have a real chance at bell peppers, which I haven’t really managed to grow the last summer seasons.

There were basically no raspberries this year, as there were little branches from the former one. We noticed that the berries mixed with the strawberries might be in a horrible spot and plan to move those somewhere else. That magical place.

Even tho it was a bit too late we decided to put in artichokes a couple of weeks ago and so far they seem to be doing fine in that crap soil. The silverbeet keeps growing and some broccoli is even doing okay in this weather. We ate some corn on the cob the other day and it was delicious.

The pumpkin plant seems to be done and is slowly drying away. Sure, the foot in the picture doesn’t actually look that good… but it definitely helps picture the size of the pumpkin – which is not very big but a great size to eat between two people.

The cucumbers and pickles are probably suffering from our irregular watering. The tomatoes are going alright, but are not as big as last year by far. There’s still time tho.

And as for melons. We noticed all of them are a variety called granite, a rock melon – so we planted some sugar baby water melons and hope they hurry up and get a chance to produce.

There’s the random bean field in the mix, which are more experimental than anything.

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