State of greens #02

Summer is brutal and beautiful. It hasn’t rained in weeks, so water is tight and the ground dry. While the beans have slowed down production, the chilis are in their element, just getting started.

We finally built some trellis for the tomatoes out of some stunning bamboo stakes, we got from someone local. We love the Marigold in the garden. I never thought it would bush out like this, but it’s so amazing, the bumble bees really love it.

The orchard is in trouble, with some trees loosing their leafs to rust. The dryness probably doesn’t help either. They are having a really rough first summer.

The onions and garlic are all braided and done. We’re quite happy with the onion harvest. It was our first and it seemed simple enough. There’s probably six or seven bunches and we’ve already eaten quite a few and used the young ones while they were growing as well. We’ll see how long this variety lasts, especially since we kind of have to store them in the absolutely wrong conditions.

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