State of greens #51

I think now’s the time when the problems in the garden begin. Too little water, deficiencies of whichever kind and growth slowing down when it seems like it barely started yet. After a really, really massive rain there has been no rain for the last two weeks.

The orchard is obviously overrun by gras. But the mulch is doing a rather good job to keep the grass of the trees. We’re not watering, which will probably end in a very tiny harvest if any. We put the trees only this winter anyways.

Most of the stuff in the garden should grow into autumn, so there’s still plenty of time for fruit and harvest. We’re quite happy with the amount of onions and garlic we pulled out the other week. It seemed like an easy hands-off crop to grow. Hardest part was to find a spot to let it dry in peace.

We’ve been harvesting runner beans and have a lot of beetroot, that are ready to be pulled. We got some bamboo to create a trellis for the tomatoes. They probably needed that when that heavy wind hit a couple of weeks ago.

The strawberries are going good, especially after a good watering, but the raspberries had a lot of bronze beetles eating their leafs in spring and probably have been damaged pretty heavily.

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