State of greens #49

It’s this amazing time of year where everything seems to be taking off and you’re not yet exhausted by watering the garden by hand. Soon enough the plants will struggle with the small amount of water we give them, get crispy from the sun and probably get sick as the season progresses. But let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

We think the onions might be coming to an end and should be harvested soon. Which currently is our least favourite part as we don’t have a cool and dry place to store and dry the things we harvest.

But the zucchini and pumpkins seem to be coming along nicely. Last year our first zucchini was in progress in the middle of November, so we must be a bit late on that this year.

The broad beans are slowly dying off from last season and most brassicas are just bolting straight to seed. For some reason we keep trying. Maybe if we had a fairly shaded space we could make it work.

My favourite part currently are the beans and peas. I just love how they look like they’re gonna climb into the sky. They look so lush and strong and I’m looking forward to watch the purple beans turn green when cooking.

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