State of greens #47

The Orchard

As one might know, the gras is just exploding in spring. And it got away from us quite a bit. The chickens also managed to mess up our neatly placed mulch, so we’ll have to redo that for summer.


A few late additions are sitting in the glas house these days. We’ve also put the yacon into pots in there and they are just exploding at the moment. We need to find them a home in the ground…


It already pretty much feels like summer. There has been no proper rain for weeks and therefor things are starting to slow down a lot. Of course we’d like to water a lot, but there is just not enough water around to do so.

There’s some seriously big onions growing. We’ve been eating a lot of broad beans and are waiting patiently for our cabbages to finish forming their heads. The runner beans and peas are starting to flower now so we’ll hopefully be able to eat those soon.

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