State of greens #41

It’s October and as far as the calendar goes spring is on. It seems, tho, that October is less wet but much colder than September was. With the sun shining like a champion but the air crisp and cold. The thermometer inside displayed 11°C this morning.

The garden area has been a wet clay mess during winter and we haven’t managed to grow anything after the demolition party our pigs had in our garden in autumn. We made an effort to form new beds and build them back up, which unfortunately wasn’t possible without bringing in some new soil.

We’ve formed a planter right next to the kitchen, which is currently providing fresh herbs, salad and spring onions. It’s not all there yet, but it’s a good start. And if you’re wondering about the fencing over the frame… when you’re having chickens nothing goes without fencing or the plants will be scratched to deformity.

The orchard has been establishing nicely. Granted, the wind is such a problem. But we can’t grow a shield quick enough and don’t have the materials right now to come up with a temporary solution.

Don’t laugh at the horrible sight of this. But we got some amazing banana pups and after they’ve been obliterated by the wind we put up some ugly looking net in an attempt to not let them be smashed any further. They look very, very sad – but here’s hoping that they get used to their new lives.

We’ve put them closely to each other as we planned on taking out new shoots as they come and make them protect each other by being close to each other.

The trees have been in heavy flower but probably most of them got destroyed by rain and wind. They have it rough! We’ve stocked up on a few things like feijoas and citrus.

On the way to the garden we pass the glass house (not greenhouse) that currently houses some of our seedlings until we put them in the ground.

We’ve done a little re-fencing at our garden and claimed the new corner for our berries.

The rest of our garden is getting there slowly.

And that’s all! As always, there’s lots to be done. The broad beans are raving with aphids and so is one of the trees in the orchard.

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