State of greens #29

It’s been a while. After our piggies decided to have a little rampage in the garden we got pretty demotivated. At least it was nearly the end of the summer season, but it meant cleaning up a whole lot of stuff and redoing our garden beds when otherwise we would have only to amend them and move on to our winter crops. Our neighbour helped with a little tractor to create a few more rows for us so we ended up expanding our garden area and fencing it with windbreak.

On completely different news: Ever since we’ve been on this property (which isn’t ours) we wanted to plant an orchard. Because even when it’s not yours – there should be an orchard. Especially when you think about the fact that you can establish an orchard for the price of a weeks rent …

It wasn’t the right time then because we came only in October – but it is now. So here’s the trees that we put into the ground which we hope will thrive rather than wilt and die. It’s fun to keep a record as well, as I see my neighbours trying to tell us which tree is what and ending up forgetting and not being able to read the sun bleached labels on their trees.

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