State of greens #13

With the season changing into autumn the garden needs lots of love right now, which we haven’t been giving it for quite some weeks. Our sunflower field came and went and it looked amazing during those last few weeks, but I’ve only got bad quality pictures from my smartphone.

There were a few break ins by one of our pigs which killed the cucumber plants. The latest victim has been the strawberry (in this post still unharmed). And there’s a lot of stuff just done for the season and a big cleanup is needed. It looks very sad and naked in a lot of spots.

Right now we’re just watching the last attempts of some established plants and letting some of them ripen to the point where we can take seeds. Especially the aubergine, a very later bloomer in our garden, is producing quite a few fruits right now.

We’ve put out some new seedlings, some autumn crop that should make it before winter (if they are not being eaten by pigs).

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