The best worst case

I decided to spent a few weeks down in Tauranga to continue my flying lessons. And while there was always the chance that Auckland would be locked down and I would not be able to travel through back up north where we’re kind of home right now, I was hoping it would not actually happen…

Of course, it happened. Two days before I planned to head back they shut down Auckland and my bus got cancelled. Weirdly enough the aero club I am flying with planned a trip up to Ninety Mile Beach with a few people on the day I planned my departure. After I shared my worries with my instructor about not being able to return back up he organised a seat for me to tag along.

So not only was I no longer stuck in Tauranga for who knows how long, my long and boring bus ride turned into a major scenic flight tracking over a huge part of the north island. Further than I’ve ever been.

And it wasn’t just that – we landed on Ninety Mile Beach and had a little picnic before we flew back and they dropped me off close to home. Those guys are just the best aero club ever. This is how a worst case scenario turns into the best worst case. I felt insanely lucky.

My holiday in Tauranga hitting a bird with a plane, seeing dolphins and being taken for aerobatics. Great unexpected adventures. And I can’t get enough of seeing things in miniature, so I really need to get off my ass and follow through with the theory exams to get my Private Pilot License.

Seeing both coasts of New Zealands north island at once
Landing on the beach

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