State of greens #09

I’ve been away for the last two weeks and a lot and nothing at all has happened in the garden during that time. The experimental sunflower, corn and pumpkin field grew a whole lot and the first sunflower opened up just now. Soon there should be a nice yellow field for a while.

My partner planted some new beans where the potatoes were and removed the corn, as it was done. The corn cobs are rather small but tasty. Our zucchini is still producing (still very much in the way) and working on some huge marrows that we will use to get seeds for next season and as pig feed.

Some strong winds tore the strings apart we had our cucumbers and tomatoes hanging on. No surprise there… so first thing when I got back was to fix that with different kind of string and clean up the mildewy leafs that are taking over. The plants do look a bit naked and sad cut back like that, but a lot happier than rotting away on the ground. They should go ahead and manage to get quite a few more cucumbers.

Since I’ve been back we also put our fruit trees and bushes into bigger pots with drainage and a small reservoir in the bottom. The strawberries are reaching out, so they’ve gotten some more pots around them to put their shoots into.

The aubergines are finally coming along nicely, it might just be a bit late for them now. Same with the okra. But they look happy and healthy alongside the heavily loaded chilli plants, which is just nice to look at.

Some spots are available now for new plants and we’re just thinking about how we could fill those the best. We’re eating loads from the garden and I think we’re getting a feeling what and how much we need, which will be helpful next season.

I’ve cleaned a lot of plants out of the “greenhouse” that have just not been doing well in there, so there’s not a lot going on. In anticipation to use more of our reserved garden space we finally put down some plastic to kill the grass underneath it and planned some space for a chicken coop we’re keen to get started close to the garden.

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