State of greens #51

Summer is in full swing and rain is a scarce thing these days. So far we got away with bad watering, as the pond has run dry and there is no easy access water at the garden site, but will probably notice the ramifications soon enough. The zucchini plant has grown bigger than I expected and is providing us with continuous zucchinis! The beans are looking way healthier since we watered with a urine/water mixture.

We put some beans in the rows at the back that are supposed to climb a trellis. And the corn is coming along nicely as well since that nutrient boost. We’ve interplanted peas and carrots since we read about that in an older book about companion planting. Seems like a nice combination to me.

And I’ve put some insect netting over the brassicas field (which has water melon in it as well) to protect them from the white butterfly and similar problems but had to pick off a bunch of caterpillars nevertheless.


Plants in the greenhouse are slowly reaching their ceiling as we used rather small pots. We moved the hops and berries in there to protect them from our ever-hungry piglet. They needed some time to recover because a bunch of leafs were eaten off – but they seem to come back now.

Stray plants

As for stray plants we have some jams, potatoes and pumpkins that do not get to enjoy being in a safe enclosure. Needless to say, our piglet regularly munches away at the potatoes and jams…

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