State of greens #49

Yesterday started out rather cloudy, so we thought it might be a good day to continue on the garden beds. We already prepared three more frames. We decided to do one more carpet bed, one more cardboard and the last one as an actual dig bed, just for comparison. Hard work to get that clay soil broken up.

Since we provided the plants with a bit more Nitrogen they are doing much better. Especially the tomatoes and the corn looks way healthier. We were thinking about getting some stuff out of our first bed just to provide a little bit more space for the things that are doing well. The zucchinis for example are doing great in this weather (beginning of summer in New Zealand).

We got sick of looking at the cucumbers that were hanging there half dead and totally stunted – so we ripped them out and put some replacements in. We figure they might have been in their seedling pots for too long, because we dragged them around for a bunch of weeks and did not put them into the ground for quite a while. Hopefully the new ones will be doing better (the wind is the biggest challenge for them so far).

Then there’s some okra and a whole bed full of chilies. We have some more okra and chilies in the greenhouse as they are doing quite well there. Anything seems to do better without wind… so we’re still thinking about getting windbreaker for the garden, but need to decide on a height – or basically on how much money we want to spent. That’s always a tough call. And we’d like to get onto the wood chipping to make the paths look nice and tidy.

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