State of greens #48

Since we’ve been gone for about a week and a lot going on, nothing much happened in the garden area. Lucky enough one of our neighbour came and watered from time to time.

We’ve been eating some zucchinis, which seem to do generally fine, despite the wind and weather. Filled some patches with corn and watched the potatoes grow eagerly. The random pumpkins seem to be doing all right as well.

Not sure if it was the right call, but I’ve planted out some small broccoli and kale. They simply have no chance in growing big enough in the seedling trays that we are using, so we thought we’d try our luck.


With some plants it seems we have: either too little nutrients, too many nutrients or too much water. I wish it was easier to know which one it is exactly… obviously there’s also some insects draining the plants. There’s definitely too much wind blowing harshly over the garden. Generally, the garden looks quite sad. But we just keep at it, bring out a few new plants, and will try and get something to protect from wind.


The greenhouse on the other hand is looking amazing. The soil is not much different, so we assume that the different temperature and no wind make a lot of difference. It’s so much fun to see the things in the greenhouse grow!

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