State of greens #45

The weeks are flying by and we seem to make little progress. We have some regrets about starting the garden area off so big, because now it’s fairly hard to protect everyone from the persisting winds. It’s a learning curve, certainly, and we’ll just go with what we got and try and optimise it along the way. Since we’re doing no-dig, we’re collecting stuff from around – a neighbour brought us some old wool carpet that we’re trying to use underneath some of the beds. It saved us loads of work – let’s see if it decays alright.

It’s nice to have some beds ready and growing things. They seem to be doing well so far. The potatoes all came up and are building nice rows. We’re trying a clump method for the red beets and the carrots. Might be all a bit tight, but we’ll see. It’s an experiment.

Then we’ve got some plants in the greenhouse, just growing up or staying there permanently, like some gherkins and tomatoes.

I’m insanely happy to see the only walnut tree we’ve got growing steadily. He got knocked over by the wind at one point, broke and wilted. But we left him sitting there and he had new and strong growth developing in a matter of days – it’s a thing of beauty.

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