State of greens #43

This is our third week being in a new location up in Northland, New Zealand, now. We’ve collected all the newspaper and cardboard we could source from the local supermarket and built one row of garden beds. There’s a rabbit proof fence up and it looks like we’ve only done little, but it was actually already a lot of work. There’s layers of newspaper, cardboard, cow manure and biomass that we hope will help strangling out the kikuyu gras. We hope that it won’t get too dry so the stuff actually has a chance to properly decompose. The beds are filled heavily with compost and the frames around them are meant to be temporary. We’ll see about that. They are scrap woods from old pallets, so they might rot away very quickly.

We’ll probably try something else for the next couple of garden beds – like actually digging in this clay and kikuyu gras infested ground – and see how that goes. It’s an experiment by amateurs…

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