State of greens #41

Spring has started in New Zealand. Actually, I’m not too sure, because I’ve never experienced a New Zealand spring before. From what I can tell so far it’s very windy. From what I hear it won’t be long until it’s too hot and sunny to be out in the middle of the day.

We’ve moved house and had to move our seedlings with us, which was a challenge in itself. We might be off with our timing (yet again) ever so slightly, but at least most of the seedlings and a bunch of our berry plants have made it to our new place so far. A few citrus trees are to follow.

Unfortunately the garden has to be established first, so the coming season probably won’t be that great. Until we can put things straight into the ground we will mostly raise them in our greenhouse.

The overall weather and soil conditions here are a lot more rough than what we used to deal with. Definitely harder than to grow something in a pot on a balcony. Especially the wind is hitting the plants quite hard, so it’s good to have the greenhouse to give them shelter for now.

We also have to figure out what deficiency the berry plants are coming up with.

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