Little boxes

Since it’s winter in New Zealand and there isn’t much to do right now, I’ve decided to get a bit more serious about something that has fascinated me for quite some time: Flying.

As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. Turned out tho, that becoming an astronaut requires you to be a little more ambitious than I have been in my life so far. So farthest up I can go now, apart from serious hiking, is flying. And I’ve been itching to learn something new and get into a challenge that does not have anything to do with my learned job.

So I booked a trial flight with the local aero club to see if I would get scared as hell or not be able to stomach it. But apart from being nervous in a common way, I wasn’t scared and the flight was quite amazing and comfortable. Seeing the world in tiny little pieces is simply stunning. The houses, the cows, the waves. Nothing disappoints. That settled that starting next week, I would get flight lessons.

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