Cold frame for winter days

We had trouble finding a space in the house that was big and sunny enough to house our seedlings. Also, we wanted to keep our chilies away from the cold winter nights. There were some scrap windows and a bunch of scrap wood around, so we decided to take on a little project and build a cold frame with it.

It was “designed” to sit in the exact space in the garden that gets the most sun during winter days. The windows also have a certain angle to catch the sun the most efficiently.

It took us a couple of hours on four days. Obviously we would do some things differently after building this thing for the first time, but it turned out alright, and we know it’s only temporary, so we were not too bothered.

So far, with a bunch of gaps in the whole thing, some of which we might try and close up soon, we could already detect the temperature being warmer than on the outside. We’ll have to put a thermometer in to see minimum and maximum temperatures.

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