State of greens #21

Here’s pictures of the harsh reality of gardening (for us, anyways). I guess even tho we tried to be good with the timing we might have been a little too late and the soil might be too cold for the little ones to grow properly. Some are doing alright while a lot of seedlings are just stunted. I’ve tried to capture the best and worst. Since we had some seedlings eaten by snails we got some more going that are lagging behind now. And it’s just not raining…

Garden area is ever expanding

Disliking slug pallets we’re trying to fight slugs now with natural resources, but that seems pretty hard. And if there’s no slugs you’ll find other things nipping away at the leafs. We’ve started to regularly treat them with neem oil to get on top of all kinds of problems.

The spinach should be a little bit further apart afaik, but I did not dare to thin them out, not all of them came up.

Also there’s still the stray zucchini hanging on to dear life. I don’t know how long that plant will go until the cold is getting to it. It tries hard to make fruit, but they mostly get eaten before they can mature.

The peas are coming along nicely but will need some kind of support soonish. The beans are growing but you can already see that they will have trouble with rust. The old bean bush had that as well, but it is still producing nicely for the fact that it is so sick.

The chilis we’ve simply pruned, but they are already eager to come back.

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