State of greens #18

I’d argue that one of the best things about gardening is seeing seeds sprout to live and develop their very first leafs that stretch for the light of day. It’s something that gets me really excited.
Another week passed by and the transplanted offspring is slowly growing. It sure is a waiting game until one day you can’t really believe how far they’ve come.

We wanted to have broad beans, but the seeds were fairly old, they did not come up. So we’ve decided to put some peas in their place instead. We also got a hold of some more broad beans a few days after and placed them on the outskirts of another garden bed. At least the runner beans are already up and… running.

The ever growing pumpkins are currently doing fine. There’s plenty of them developing but they tend to get eaten by snails. I guess it will get a little too cold soon for the bell pepper to continue on the bunch of fruits she’s trying for. It seems like bell peppers take a few months until they really take off. We also have a stray zucchini plant that I never reported on and it has a few fruits – that are also eaten by insects. We’ve prepared some celery beds for the winter season as well, but the little ones are taking their time and are still in a seedling tray.

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