State of greens #14

Coming back at the beginning of calendar week 13 we ordered a new round of seeds for the winter months. This is probably the first time we start planting something where the timing is not awfully off. During the six weeks we’ve been gone there has been a drought, no rain at all. So lots of our plants were not doing well. The chilis and beans did quite good regardless.

We discovered that the whole lot of chilies, tomatoes, beetroot and carrots got infested by nematodes. The only one who does not seem to be affected is the bell pepper. It looks happier than ever! Too bad it’s going to get fairly cold soon…

So what we’ve been doing since we got back is to get the chilis out of the patch we had them in and into pots. We might prune them a lot in hopes that they survive the move and nematodes. They all produced amazing yields! We particularly loved the “Great Wall”.

Hopefully the nematodes are not wide spread throughout the garden. Where we’ve noticed them doing their work we will plant marigolds. Furthermore we dug a small and two huge new patches measuring roughly three by six meters each and some more.

This garden is still only temporary but we are planning to get a crop rotation going nevertheless. We planted beans and very old broad beans (that might not come up) where the potatoes were. Then there will be one patch of brassicas and one patch of root veggies. Therefor we went ahead and started some seedlings.

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