State of greens #51

After being away for roughly seven days, leaving the garden unattended, we came back to fairly alive plants. Like expected the weeds and the gras we dug up to have garden space has come running back, but we sorted that out.

What followed was a very stormy day that cost the live of a tomato and was pretty rough on all of the plants. The cucumbers and gherkins just do not seem to do very well for some reason. Everybody else seems to do fine except for some deficiencies.

We also started a herb bed that looks very sad right now after transplanting some herbs into it, but hopefully will get better with a little time. Then there’s a soil hill that we put some flower seeds on. If the birds do not get most of them we might get that hill to be quite a happy place for bees.

Well, nothing looks quite that impressive right now. 😀

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