New Zealand Redwoods

The weekend at Taupo, accompanying family and friends doing the Taupo Cycle Challange, came to an end. And after a few days spent alone at the family batch we decided that it’s time to go back to Tauranga. Since I’ve only been in the country for no more than two weeks we decided to stop by Rotorua and look at some interesting places, one of them wass the man-made Whakarewarewa Forest.

Parking up directly at the brim of the forest you get to choose between several different walks ranging from to thirty minutes to nearly four hours. Even tho it is man-made, stepping into the forest gives off an interesting vibe with high threes surrounding you for the first bit of the walk. There’s a bunch of them that are fat and tall, majestic, hundreds that are thin but still impressive in height.

As we continued on we left that part of the forest behind and went into more natural bush land, loaded with fern. The air smelled like one of the trees at times, but I can’t recall the name.

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