State of greens #32

The weather has started slowing down in terms of heat, it has been quite rainy and cloudy. Most of my plants have been harvested, except the Trepadeira Werner plants. But they happily continue producing more fruit. Actually, it’s hard not to crush or break my plants because it’s getting quite crowded on the balcony… Proud to announce my first smallish bell pepper turned red and there are four or five more hanging around! The second Thunder Mountain Longhorn plant I have took a long time to get started on having fruit, but now it’s hosting plenty. Cheyennes are going for the second round of fruit.

But not everything is great. There’s some inside blossom end rot to fight in the tomatoes and the cucumbers are lacking some nutrients as well. I managed to buy a new pump and hose to get some kind of automation going for watering. The dripping system I had before was not great, to put it mildly.

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