State of greens #27

I cannot really get enough of cucumbers. They grow so fast and grab on to things for dear life which I think is hilarious, especially when they intervene with other plants or find the most ridiculous spot for holding on to. I took some cuttings off my two cucumbers which are rooting just fine. The parent vine will be guided along the railing of my balcony.

My tomatoes are enjoying the mostly sunny days and have the first ripe fruits. Watering has been a pain since my automatic dripper system clogged up and is unusable at the moment.

All Hot Banana chilies got harvested, as well as one of the Ancho (Poblano) plants. The Cheyenne who were hiding away under their bush of leafs are starting to change color. And finally, I think, the thunder mountains are trying to change color as well. It’s a waiting game.

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