State of greens #26

It has been a warping hot week with 30 to 37 degree celcius and sun blazing on my balcony all afternoon, every day. The cucumbers surprisingly were less bothered about it than the chilies and tomatoes. Unfortunately one of my bell peppers started getting brown spots and had to go.

At the beginning of May, when I put my first baby boo outside it got quite cold again and he didn’t survive that change. Before he died tho, he managed to make a little pumpkin. It wasn’t far developed at all, but we cut it opened and planted the seeds in some cups. Nothing was happening. Then my friend put some basil cuttings into these cups and put my tiny greenhouses over them – so not only where the basil cuttings rooting, the long thought baby boo seeds started sprouting! Four new baby boos that I actually don’t really know what to do with are growing now.

See the last state of greens for a comparison on some greens

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