I nearly can’t count the number of times I’ve been to Amsterdam on one hand anymore. It’s just a beautiful city that is nice to visit every time. There’s always something interesting or beautiful to see. This time my old internet friend and pen pal invited me to visit for a few days, since she moved there permanently.

One of those days we visited the Banksy exhibition.

In the evening we went to a nearby food festival. A band played on top of some cars, breathing fire, while the crew was serving up hearty food!

On the other days my friend had to work, so I roamed around the neighbourhoods, avoiding the inner city. It was a rare occasions that I was alone in a foreign city, so it felt quite unnatural to me to be alone with myself, to be able to look at and do whatever I wanted to without compromises.

I stopped by a book store named Used English Books and spent what must have been hours in there. I left it with a biography about F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Another thing we did was taking the ferry to the other side of Amsterdam, just looking at the buildings there and having a walk.

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